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The Book of Enoch: The first human book, dirrect message from the spirit world

The Book of Enoch
The first human book was a direct message from the spirit world and the base for all further Biblical concepts
the book of Enoch Enoch Bible first book of Enoch the book of Enoch Enoch Bible first book of Enoch

Bible quotes numerous times from the Book of Enoch. Enoch describes the evil culture from before the Flood, developed by the Fallen Angels, pretending to be our 'gods' and teaching humanity to wars, selfishness, free-sex and homosexuality. 

The Book of Enoch is the oldest book according to Archaeologists. And having in mind that it's quoted numerous times in the Bible, we have to take it seriously. Especially now, when Archaeological artifacts confirm many of it's claims. 

Geneses 6, talks of the sexual relationships between fallen angels and women, producing THE FAMOUS GIANTS, from the pre-flood age: The Sodom-like Atlanta civilization (Controlled by the Fallen Angels). Our days we get many archaeological findings of such extraordinary giants.

Spiritual Message is the base of the Bible

The Book of Enoch was written as a message from the spiritual world. It clarifies the fact, that the Archangel misleading the angels to fall, was the one who seduced Eve sexually. Besides revealing the sexual relationships of the fallen angels with women, the book uncovers the earliest written plan for salvation through the Messiah.

The First Book of Enoch (1 Enoch), Old Testament Apocrypha, contains vows and prophecies of world events and the coming of the Messiah, which is called Human beloved Son, the Son of a woman.

Enoch was taken in the spiritual world and the good angels showed him how the evils fallen angels were teaching people to do evil. The Angels on God's side have shown him the plan of salvation through the Messiah (Second Coming and its many offspring).

The story of the Fall Enoch associated with Gen. 6:1-6: describing how Fallen angels descended and had sexual relations with earthly women. Enoch describes the angels as male creatures with large sexual organs. The very Archangel led the other angels to deviate, Enoch states, is the one who committed sexual adultery with the first woman, Eve. From there, human love was defiled and the offspring of Adam and Eve was separated from God's lineage.

Sinful angels even started to supplant God in relation to people. They came down and taught people astrology, writing, and magic, how to making weapons, contraceptives and so on. They use this knowledge to present themselves as our gods and to pervert people's hearts to free sex, homosexuality, contraception methods, violence and murder.

Ultimately, God intervened through the flood in order to stop these crimes, which filled the land, and Enoch was sent to convict the angels and tell them that they will be thrown into the abyss and no longer be free to appear on earth. This is quoted in the New Testament (see Jud 1:6, 14-15), which says that angels have sinned through carnal temptations," and their sin is "adultery". It is revealed through revelations that angels were the ones to give rise to homosexuality. In disobedience to God, they started homosexual acts among themselves even before Lucifer seduced Eve sexually.

The Returning Christ will have Many Children

Enoch predicted that at the Second Coming Christ will be born in the East; his descendants will be numerous as the stars and they will rule the nations with righteousness and the truth coming out of his mouth.

Apparently at his coming the Messiah will establish a family, thus restoring the failure of Adam and Eve to become the first True Parents. The Gospel of Peter also confirms that this is the very purpose of the restoration process; "From families centered on Satan, Christ is to restore families centered on God," Peter explains.

How will Christ return? "He is chosen and hidden before the Lord "(Enoch 48:70). Initially, people will not recognize him. Instead he will be rejected and persecuted by this generation. But by the year 2012 his foundation will become apparent to many. Millions will follow him, thus the rulers and those who persecuted him will come and ask for forgiveness.

The book is divided into several parts: introduction (1-5), angels and the universe (6-36) Proverbs (37-71); heavenly luminaries (72-82) visions (83-90); exhortations to righteousness (91 -105), conclusion (106-108), including Noah's book (106-107).

The Book of Enoch gives the most complete picture of the hopes of the Jewish people at Jesus' time. It is considered the oldest human written book because it is cited in many of the oldest discovered texts. It was found again in Ethiopian translation and was published in English in 1821. There are passages in Greek and Aramaic language (Qumran).

Although today it is not included in the canon, the Book of Enoch enjoyed great respect by Jews in antiquity and the early Christian Church. But 200-300 hundred years later, Christian theology further and further deviated from the original believes, so there was no more place for this book, as well as many other important parts of the scriptures. But this left Christianity ignorant of the fact, that Jesus wanted to marry and because he was killed and could not start God's lineage on earth, another was to continue his mission in future times, bringing this Heavenly Mission to completion. the book of Enoch Enoch Bible first book of Enoch the book of Enoch Enoch Bible first book of Enoch

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